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Study the Cardiff Microbiology BSc and you will gain fascinating insights into the wealth of organisms that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. You will study the benefits which they deliver as well as the harm they do, which will allow you to further understand the crucial relevance of Microbiology as a subject and the value of the work microbiologists do. The Microbiology experts at Cardiff School of Biosciences directly research or collaborate with microbiologists or other subject experts in the UK and around the globe, and use modern approaches and the latest techniques of molecular biology and genomics.

Course Pathways

Course UCAS Code
Microbiology (BSc) C500
Microbiology with a Professional Training Year (BSc) C501
Microbiology with a Preliminary Year (BSc) C502
Microbiology with a Preliminary Year and Professional Training Year (BSc) C503

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