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Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy)

The Cardiff Biomedical Science (Anatomy) BSc is a research-led degree that provides a balance between classical anatomical studies and the modern understanding of cell and developmental biology. A major component of the Cardiff anatomy course is taught traditionally through human cadaveric dissection. Human dissection is by far the most rewarding and effective way of learning and appreciating the intricate structure of the human form and a unique learning experience no longer offered by many UK universities. You will be taught by excellent and experienced anatomists from the newly established Anatomical Education Centre within the School of Biosciences. As an anatomy student at Cardiff, you will also be taught by staff with diverse research interests in the field of biomedical science.

Course Pathways

Course UCAS Code
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) (BSc) B111
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) with a Professional Training Year (BSc) B112
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) with a Preliminary Year (BSc) BC17
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) with a Preliminary Year and Professional Training Year (BSc) BCD7

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