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Biomedical Science

The Cardiff Biomedical Science BSc is a research-led degree, exploring the biological science that underpins all of medicine and medical research. On this course you will study human physiology, anatomy, pharmacology and neuroscience with the option to continue following this broad approach or to specialise in one of these areas at the end of Year One. As a biomedical science student at Cardiff, you will have a large degree of choice with regards to what you study with a wide range of optional modules on offer. These modules and research project topics reflect the School’s diverse research interests in biomedical science.

Course Pathways

CourseUCAS Code
Biomedical Science (BSc) BC97
Biomedical Science with a Professional Training Year (BSc) BC9R
Biomedical Science with a Preliminary Year (BSc) B900
Biomedical Science with a Preliminary Year and Professional Training Year (BSc) B901

School of Biosciences